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Are you tired of “virtually everything” yet? LifeBridge Partnership is not! Don’t get me wrong, we miss very much seeing our clients, colleagues, and friends in person. But, that has not stopped us from focusing on creating connections and enriching people’s lives by being “in the community” with one another.

Our clients are participating in virtual programming that includes a variety of choices including scavenger hunts, karaoke, and fitness with friends, among other fun activities. Along with leading these activities, staff members have become tech gurus to support clients who are new to social media and Zoom. With the period of time to stay at home extended we are building a robust virtual program schedule for May and looking for ways to help clients overcome technology barriers so more people can participate. Additionally, our staff are staying in touch with all clients to make sure they have what they need at home and connecting them with resources when needed.

Our staff have been able to take advantage of this opportunity to grow professionally. We established teams to rewrite training manuals and develop new training activities. We have also completed hours and hours of professional learning through online courses and webinars. We meet weekly to share what we’ve learned and the progress on our projects. Of course, we are still engaged in planning future activities such as LifeBridge Camps, after school programs for 2020-21, and our annual golf tournament.

LifeBridge Partnership is not the only organization that has had to make quick pivots to rethink how to do business, how to “do life” virtually. It is heartening to see the many ways in which people have created new ways to connect, help one another, and strengthen our community during this time. I believe this experience will enrich our lives as we come back together face-to-face.

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  • Jack Bellagamba

    says on:
    April 23, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    What helps me is reading the Bible and prayer

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