Puzzles! My family and I have spent hours putting together puzzles during the last few months…new, old, easy, challenging, two dimensional, three dimensional. We love them all! And, it’s been wonderful family time spent together.

Of course, apropos to the current state of things, we couldn’t help feeling puzzled ourselves. In addition to life’s “normal” curveballs, the pandemic has offered one, big, ever-changing puzzle.

This has been true not only in my personal life, but also professionally. While just about every facet of life has changed in recent months, one thing seems to have remained constant. We are surrounded by a wonderful network of support.

At LifeBridge Partnership there are many pieces that complete our mission puzzle. A HUGE thank you to the following people and organizations that have helped us keep it all together over the last few months:

  • LifeBridge Staff Members – Our staff has been flexible, dedicated, and creative. They’ve found ways to meet our clients’ needs, take on new responsibilities, and complete a move to new office space.
  • Eastern Region Alliance – This new collaboration between the Senate Bill 40 boards from St. Louis County and City, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County was established to streamline and strengthen support for disability service providers in the region. They did not let the pandemic disrupt the formation of the alliance or disrupt services to individuals with disabilities. Each SB40 board quickly adapted to provide modifications to funding, support emergency program shifts, and connect agencies and families to ensure individuals had what they needed.
  • Donors – In the wake of a cancelled fundraising event, a generous donor offered to match gifts up to a defined total from July through December. Our donors stepped up and in less than a month’s time, the challenge was more than met.
  • Washington University – We have partnered with Washington University to provide a 12-week field work experience to students from the Program in Occupational Therapy. Students created an assessment to gauge our clients’ ability to safely social distance and interventions to prepare our clients safely re-enter the community.
  • United Way of Great St. Louis – We have been a proud partner of the United Way for many years. We look forward to continuing that partnership as a recipient of a Safety Net Grant. In addition to funding, United Way has provided professional development and made financial resources available to help area nonprofits reach their goals during the pandemic.

Time to break open the next puzzle…hope to finish it before school starts. Stay safe and healthy.


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