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Partnership. It’s not just part of our name, it’s the key to our success. Without generous individuals and businesses and our funding partners we would not be able to serve our clients and their families.

Generous individuals and businesses contribute their time, talent, and treasure to further the mission. LifeBridge Partnership receives approximately 15% of annual revenue from these sources. Equally important are the volunteer hours and non-monetary donations that people and businesses provide. It is estimated that a volunteer hour was worth $25.34 in 2018, which means our 241 volunteers time and talent was worth nearly $80,000. This is equivalent to 13% of our total payroll costs.  Our partnerships with local businesses and cultural venues greatly reduce the financial barriers many of clients face by providing free or reduced cost community life experiences.

We are fortunate to have four primary funding partners that represent our whole community. These partners collaborate with provider organizations, such as LifeBridge Partnership, to define what is needed and to provide resources to address the needs. They include: Productive Living Board (PLB), St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources (DDR), St. Charles Developmental Disabilities Resource Board (DDRB), and United Way of Greater St. Louis. PLB, DDR, and DDRB, also known SB40 Boards, were established under the provisions of senate bill 40 when voters in each county approved property taxes to fund support services for citizens with developmental disabilities. SB40 boards contract with provider organizations to serve these individuals. United Way’s annual campaign mobilizes our whole community to provide resources to help people live their best lives. Together these funding partners provide up to 65% of our annual revenue and access to high quality continuous learning for staff and volunteers.

Of course, our most important partnership is with our clients and their families, working together to ensure each person has opportunities and the support they need to pursue a fulfilling community life.

Karen Schuster – CEO

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