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LifeBridge Partnership had a wonderful 2019 and we are resolved to making 2020 even better!

We will continue to pursue our goal to facilitate our clients’ pursuit of a community life. Whether we are partnering with clients to develop skills, build relationships or learn about community opportunities, we hope they develop connections within this community that enrich their lives.

In 2019, we provided more than 8,000 hours of direct support service and nearly 4,500 one-way accessible trips for our clients so they could develop skills for accessing the community and experience St. Louis community life. This work includes a new afterschool enrichment program at Nottingham CAJT for high school students enrolled in the work service program. This new program is designed to develop soft skills essential to the work environment. In addition to our direct service to clients, we also:

  • Partnered with schools, businesses, and municipalities to provide 11 awareness and disability resource events
  • Facilitated 7 service learning projects for students at Washington University
  • Served as a service project site for Deloitte & Touche, Rabo Agrifinance, and St. Louis University High School.

For 2020 we resolve to help foster a meaningful and inclusive community life for children and adults with disabilities. We will accomplish this through the hard work of our staff, partnering with community volunteers, and collaborating with community groups and other service provides.

Together we can positively impact the lives and raise awareness about disabilities in our community. Please help us by contributing to our mission in 2020! Go to https://www.lifebridgestl.org/ to learn more or donate.

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