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In my August message, I noted that we have worked with clients for 91 years and that the longevity of this agency was the result of hard work and careful consideration of future needs. I also shared that we had embarked on two projects to guide our future work: strategic planning and a program review. To plan our future, we need input from our current clients and families. To start, we are planning several opportunities for people to share their thoughts on the future needs of our Out & About program. Our goal is to implement an updated service delivery model that strengthens our partnership with clients.

Our first information gathering event was a roundtable discussion. The evening started with Heather Ward, Chief Program Officer, presenting ideas for updating the Out & About program. We then broke into two discussion groups, clients and family members, to consider several topics. There were many similarities between the discussions groups and the following summarizes what they had to say:

What does LifeBridge Partnership means to you and what do you like/dislike about services?

LifeBridge Partnership is a place to make friends and meet other people with disabilities. Staff members do a good job supporting clients in building skills and safely accessing the community. We feel safe having door-to-door service and riding on LifeBridge vans. We hope LifeBridge will continue to keep the cost of services down. For individuals who “graduated” from services and joined LifeBridge Friends, they would like to see more structure to ensure they stay connected and can return to services if needed.

Comments and questions regarding the suggested tiered service delivery model.

Both groups expressed they do not want a “cookie cutter” program with defined steps and timelines or one that requires everyone to work toward the same goals, such as how to use public transportation.

What else can LifeBridge Partnership do to support you in pursuit of an active community life?

Clients and family members identified additional skill building opportunities related to community safety such as how to use a cell phone and stranger awareness. They also suggested topics about money management and using a computer would be beneficial. They asked that we continue to advocate on behalf of the clients.

Be on the lookout for future opportunities to share your thoughts on the work that we do. As always, thank you for supporting LifeBridge Partnership.

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