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Each July 4, we celebrate Independence Day, the holiday honoring the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s birth. I was blessed to celebrate the holiday with many people over the course of several days and enjoyed the time spent connecting and reconnecting with family and friends. Many memories were created as we shared meals, played games, watched kids parade down the street on their decorated bikes and, of course, ooh’d and aah’d the many fireworks displays!

This great nation was born out of a desire for freedom. Along the path to independence, people worked and fought side by side with support from other countries that believed in our right to be free. As I reflect on this freedom, I am reminded of the LifeBridge Partnership mission, “Empowering people with disabilities to develop skills for independence and to actively participate in the community.”

People with disabilities can and want to make decisions and should be given the freedom of choice to do so. A disability should not be perceived as a barrier to independence but as an opportunity to work together to follow the paths of choice.

Many thanks to LifeBridge Partnership staff members and volunteers who walk those paths with our clients in support of their freedom of choice and pursuit of a fulfilling community life.

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