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We often speak about advocating for people with disabilities. Advocacy comes in many forms, walking alongside an individual . . . championing a cause or idea . . . formally and publicly lobbying for a specific cause.

At LifeBridge Partnership, we walk alongside our clients every day not only supporting them while they pursue a meaningful, inclusive community life, but also helping the community understand how people with disabilities are part of this community. We participate in disability awareness events at schools and corporations to educate people about living with a disability.  Through coalitions of service providers in both St. Louis and St. Charles County, we partner with other agencies to inform state legislators about critical disability issues.

Of course, more voices will help spread the word. So, I challenge you to be a LifeBridge advocate. How can you help us advocate for people with disabilities?

  • Share this newsletter with loved ones, friends, and co-workers.
  • Educate yourself about disability-related issues by volunteering with LifeBridge Partnership, attending an event, and reading about the various disability services we highlight in this monthly e-newsletter.
  • Like us on Facebook and share the information we post for our followers.
  • Write a letter or call a policy maker to highlight the challenges and needs of people with disabilities.
  • Send holiday cards to your legislators with updates about your loved one with a disability and thank him/her for their support of disability services.
  • Vote in local, state, and national elections carefully considering how your vote may affect disability services.

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