This is always an exciting and busy time of year for many people. Families are preparing for the school year, shopping for new clothes and school supplies, or packing up and saying goodbye to college bound students. Of course, adjusting to the new schedule always takes a few weeks. While my kids always grumble a little at the thought of waking up earlier, classes, and homework, I know they also relish reconnecting with friends and the fun of school activities. As a parent I appreciate the schedule and predictability of the school year. And, I am always amazed at the learning and growth that happens.

As an after-school enrichment program provider, LifeBridge Partnership is certainly gearing up for the 2019-20 school year. We have offered SPARK Club in partnership with St. Louis Public Schools for more than 30 years. SPARK Club is available to students with a developmental disability that attend Gateway Michael, Gateway Elementary, or Gateway Middle Schools.

This year we are thrilled to announce an expansion of our after-school programs with LifeBridge Leaders Club. The LifeBridge Leaders Club will provide fun and interactive activities to develop social skills for success in the work place. This after school enrichment program will be offered to students who attend Nottingham CAJT High School and are preparing or currently participating in the community work service program. The goal is to develop essential social skills to help students attain and sustain long term employment. Many thanks to St. Louis Public Schools for welcoming this partnership and to the City of St. Louis – Department of Human Services for funding these services.

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