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I know it sounds trite, but this IS the season designated for giving thanks. After all, we celebrate Thanksgiving next Thursday. And, being thankful is SO important! According to studies, people who express thanks and feel grateful report better sleep, less fatigue, less depression, and more confidence in their ability to care for themselves. Bottom line – it makes you feel happy rather than stressed out!

Our culture has become fully engaged in controversy, confrontations, and quarreling. It seems people are eager to disagree and will go to great lengths to find fault with others. Media, both professional and social, is used to insult, foster hate and disengage from meaningful conversations that can lead to understanding and common ground.

I’m certain there are many people who hope this tide will turn. But, we must be intentional about it if we want to live in a culture filled with thankfulness. We need to focus on the good stuff! One way to start is to give voice to those things for which we are thankful. Here’s my list:

  • I am part of a faith-filled, Christian community devoted to loving all people.
  • My husband and best friend – for 27 years we have walked through life together.
  • Our 4 children – a constant source of joy and wonder . . . and driving around!
  • My mom and dad who have always provided a loving and supportive foundation in my life.
  • My sisters and their families – so glad to be close with them and live near them.
  • The opportunities I have to work side-by-side with friends, co-workers, and volunteers to serve in our community and make it a better place.
  • The challenges I encounter that help me grow personally and professionally.
  • Missouri’s wonderfully diverse weather (I’m dreaming of a white Christmas).

Perhaps some of us are already filled with the spirit of Christmas. And, who can help it, thanks to the marketing professionals out there? So, I challenge you to cultivate your spirit of thanksgiving, not just in the next few weeks, but all year long. Share your list with us at info@lifebridgestl.org and we can be thankful together!

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and may it last throughout the year!

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  • Nicole Imperiale

    says on:
    November 21, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    Just wanted to say Happy thanksgiving to everyone!😄💬💭

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