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I have been rereading articles I wrote during past holiday seasons, recalling joyful memories, client stories, generous donors. Then I got to last year, when I wrote:

“Our culture has become fully engaged in controversy, confrontations, and quarreling. It seems people are eager to disagree and will go to great lengths to find fault with others. Media, both professional and social, is used to insult, foster hate and disengage from meaningful conversations that can lead to understanding and common ground. I’m certain there are many people who hope this tide will turn”

And, turn it did! 2019 was tough but it was a joyride compared to 2020. Of course, the controversy, confrontations, and quarreling have continued through 2020. Add to that, being the victim of theft and vandalism, suspending our client services, and, OH YEAH, COVID-19, which has turned all of our personal and professional lives upside down!

Season of thanks? ABSOLUTELY! Not only is this the “official” season for giving thanks, but being thankful is SO important! According to studies, people who express thanks and feel grateful report better sleep, less fatigue, less depression, and more confidence in their ability to care for themselves. Giving voice to things for which you are thankful keeps them top of mind and helps shrink the worries.

Bottom line – it makes you feel happy rather than stressed out!

All of us at LifeBridge Partnership are so thankful for the many people that have supported our mission through the years – none more so than our clients and their families. This is especially true during this unusual year when many of us have mixed feelings about the upcoming holiday season.

When you find it difficult to be thankful or find joy in the day, I challenge you to focus on the good stuff and cultivate your spirit of thanksgiving, not just in the next few weeks, but all year long. Share what you are thankful for with us at info@lifebridgestl.org or find us on Facebook and tell us why you are thankful. Let’s be thankful together!

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and I want to wish you a happy holiday season. May it last throughout the upcoming year!

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