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All of us at LifeBridge Partnership are so thankful for the many people that have supported our mission through the years – none more so than our clients and their families. As we enter into this holiday season of thankfulness and gift giving, consider how you could enrich a child’s life and build bridges within the community just as others did for Jordan and his family.

Jordan joined LifeBridge Partnership services in 2017. In addition to caring for a child that has disabilities, which is challenging for any parent, Jordan’s mom faces other significant barriers. As we got to know Jordan, we learned his school gathers his clothing and washes it regularly. The school also sends extra food home each day.

We knew Jordan could thrive at LifeBridge Camps and were thrilled when he registered for the spring break camp.  But Jordan did not attend. We learned later that mom cancelled because she couldn’t afford to send lunch or provide clean clothes.

Thanks to generous donations, Jordan did thrive at summer camp! Staff members coordinated with mom to ensure Jordan would attend. With a scholarship for the camp fees and daily lunch as well as a week’s worth of clothes, Jordan attended each day. He built friendships, played with farm animals, explored various cultures, played games with peers, and created long-lasting memories.

You can help LifeBridge Partnership provide a safe, caring community where a camper can build friendships, develop confidence, experience new things, and capture memories to last a lifetime. Help send a child, like Jordan, to camp by donating to LifeBridge Partnership today.

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