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COVID-19 has touched all of us and LifeBridge is grateful for the assistance it has received during this pandemic. The staff has been working hard to support our clients during these challenging times. Over the past months our staff has:

    • Conducted weekly check-ins with youth and adult clients.
    • Provided clients and families with resource information¬†concerning COVID-19.
    • Implemented social distancing and required masks when using LifeBridge transportation.
    • Sanitized LifeBridge vehicles after every use.
    • In April
      • Provided 35.5 hours of virtual programming to adult participants
      • Provided 16 hours of virtual check-ins to 39 youth participants through phone calls and Zoom group meet-ups.
      • Delivered food and personal items to youth families.
    • In May
      • Delivered 62 porch activity kits to adult participants.
      • Provided 37 hours of virtual programs to 21 adult participants.
      • Completed two rounds of surveys for youth participants.
      • Prepared programming and porch activity kits for youth Leaders Club.
    • In June
      • Provided 64 hours of virtual service to 21 adult participants.
      • Delivered two round of porch activity kits to 8 youth participants of the Leaders Club.
    • In July
      • Provided 45 hours of virtual service to 20 adult participants.
      • Conducted 35.5 hours of face-to-face assessments of 27 adult participants.
      • Provided round trip transportation for 9 adult participants to the assessments.
      • Created a LifeBridge transportation procedures video.
      • Created a safety kit for adult participants that included face mask, hand sanitizer, safety guides, etc.
      • Delivered porch activity kits to youth members of Leaders Club.
      • Provided 17 hours of virtual service to youth members of Leaders Club.
      • Provided 68 hours of face to face camp activity to 16 youth participants.
      • Provided round trip camp transportation for 26 youth participants.

LifeBridge continues to adhere to standards recommended by local health departments and the Center for Disease Control.

We are also spending a great deal of time planning for the coming months and anticipating challenges we might encounter.