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Thirty-one-year-old Bill Taylor has found friendship, fun and even a budding avocation as a blogger through LifeBridge Partnership.

A LifeBridge participant since his youth, Taylor, who has cerebral palsy, says his involvement with the organization has been nothing but positive.

“LifeBridge has had an excellent impact on my life,” he says. “It’s given me the opportunity to make friends and play sports I don’t believe I would otherwise been able to play.”

Playing baseball and hockey, which he began playing years ago at the organization’s annual sports camp, are among his favorites.

As an adult, Taylor frequently participates in LifeBridge’s Adult Services engaging in activities such as visiting restaurants and attending St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

It was on one of his Out & About outings, a REC program offered through LifeBridge Adult services, that Taylor was encouraged by an Out & About staff to start a blog [www.therollingblog.wordpress.com].

Through this blog Taylor evaluates the accessibility and helpfulness of staff in public places around the St. Louis area for those with disabilities.

“The one I enjoyed doing the most was the Gateway Arch riverboats,” he says. While he found the bank sloping towards the river to be particularly difficult to negotiate when exiting his vehicle, the overall experience was amazing, he adds.

Overall, Taylor’s verdict on riverfront boat access was favorable, but he cautions it is better to go with a group of people.

Busch Stadium, another public facility he’s reviewed, is “very accessible but also is very big and easy to get lost in when you are on your own,” he says.

Taylor is thankful many of his outings are through LifeBridge, which he praises for safe and reliable transportation to and from events and activities.

The LifeBridge participant turned blogger has some advice for people who are considering participating in the organization:

“I think a lot of folks will like the fact they are getting out and about with LifeBridge. They are really good people. The events are cool. You’re going to love it,” says Taylor.

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