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Meet Sarah, a 12-year-old girl on the autism spectrum. For years, Sarah’s mother has encouraged her daughter to get engaged in an activity that could be special to her.

Having failed to find that activity, however, understandably made Sarah’s mother somewhat hesitant when she sent her daughter to the LifeBridge Partnership’s summer sports camp. For the first couple of days, Sarah mostly stayed to herself and hesitated to get involved with the various fun activities being offered.

That all changed on the third day of camp when Sarah attended the martial arts class that was part of the sports camp experience. At last, she was engaged, focused and wanting more –so much so that when her time with the instructor was over, she asked to remain with the instructor to attend the other classes he was offering fellow campers that day.

On the final day of camp when Sarah’s mother came to attend the sports camp awards ceremony, she explained how much Sarah enjoyed the martial arts experience and that that was all she could talk about. Sarah’s mother was thrilled that finally Sarah had found that special thing in life that she wanted to engage in.

Six weeks later, Sarah’s mother called our offices to express her gratitude for the experience her daughter had at the sports camp and to report that as soon as camp was over Sarah had enrolled in a local martial arts program.

Finding an interest, hobby or activity in life that one loves is a treasure worth the hunt.

Sarah’s newly found interest in martial arts not only will reap for her the rewards of learning and mastering a new skill but also give her the opportunity to engage with others on a much deeper level for as long as she chooses to pursue her interest.

Note: The preceding story is true. The name of the client has been changed to protect her privacy.

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